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Who are we?

International Forest Therapy Days

(also known as IFTDays)

IFTDays is an advocate for the forests and the people and the bond between the two.  We want to ensure the protection of world’s forests through increasing their value in the eyes of human beings through forest therapy practices that highlight forest as a healing environment. IFTDays draws inspiration from the richness of cultural backgrounds of people engaging in Forest Therapy in their own ways in different types of forests around the world. We need everyone in this work and everyone´s input is valued.

IFTDays engages people from different domains, disciplines and belief systems to be part of a supportive community that is centered around common concern for the words forests and participation for awareness raising for the importance of forests as an essential part of the life support system on Earth.


IFTDays will support approaches that draw from the healing properties of the forest, for preventive (e.g. relaxation) or curative (individual or group counseling) purposes, at any age level, and that facilitate a full sensory experience that restores our mental capacities and increases our quality of life by reconnecting us with the more-than-human world and ultimately aims at strengthening the human-nature connection for quality of life of the entire planet.


IFTDays has Three Core Goals:

1. To promote and inspire multitude of ways to help people connect with forests for the health of the planet and the people

2. To serve as an advocate of (old growth) forests for their protection for their inherent value

3. To help people´s self-actualization process and promote diversity in initiatives that seek to strengthen the human-nature connection through scientifically sound, evidence based and ethical to both planet and man in it.

Meet The Team

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