Forest therapy days

Forest therapy days bring together international forest therapy practitioners, scientists and anyone who wishes to apply the healing effects of nature in their work, to share knowledge, learn from each other and experience different forest therapy practices.

Forest therapy

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International practitioners come together to share knowledge and exchange their best practices.


Learn from each other as practitioners and as new members of the Forest Therapy community.


Experience the different practices, expand your tools or get initiated into Forest Therapy.


Indulge in a beautiful and pure natural environment where tending to the health of your mind and body happens by itself.

For whom?


  • Forest therapy practitioners
  • Researchers working on the natural environment and human health
  • Public health officials
  • Natural resource managers
  • Those interested in applying forest's healing effects to their private lives or work

Nature´s established health effects are starting to become broadly recognized. Applying the healing effects of nature, and specifically those of the forests outside of a specific practice, e.g. in primary health care, is only starting. Simultaneously, the Forest Therapy community is growing and with it, a diversity of approaches, terms, and practices are surfacing. The International Forest Therapy Days aim to raise awareness of Forest Therapy as a growing field and help the field a substantial step forward by building bridges between practice and science.

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