Info - IFTDays2020

Accommodation options for participants without whole event ticket:

In the city center

Hotelli Pesti

4,5km from the city center

Vintage Farm Parkano

In the city center

Pahkalanniemi Camping

More accommodations

Can I participate only in the immersion days and/or the seminar and/or the workshop day?

You can participate only in the seminar, only in the workshop day, both seminar and workshop day or the entire event.

Can I have a room all for myself?

This year, the only option for sleeping on your own can be arranged in a tent. If you need camping gear, let us know.

How do I choose to share the room with only women/male roommates?

We aim to place people who know each other, in the same rooms. You will be able to indicate with whom you would like to share the room with in the detailed registration form you will be sent closer the event. We will do our best to consider everyone’s wishes, however there is limited space.

Where do I inform about my food allergies?

In the detailed registration form that we will be sending you closer the event, we will ask you to fill in any dietary restrictions or other requirements.

Will there be a book and info table?

Certainly! Because this is a capacity building event, we want you to come armed with all your knowhow and your activities and make use of the time to learn, share and build your network. We will make sure there will be a space for you to set up your materials at display at the seminar. Please sign up here so we know to reserve a spot for you:

Forest Therapy Market is open during the entire IFTDays seminar day, during registration, all breaks and the seminar day dinner. All seminar guests are welcome to visit Forest therapy Market.

You are welcome to participate as an exhibitor for free if you hold any kind of ticket and put your nature craft at display. Please indicate if you need us to reserve a table for you. If you would like to participate only as an exhibitor and you do not hold a seminar day ticket, then you can purchase a spot at the market for 50 euros. This will cover your lunch and refreshments during the breaks.

Are there a lot of mosquitos in Finland?

Yes and no. It depends on the summer (whether it has been dry or wet) and the conditions (windy, open area, location near the water, etc.). Mosquitos leave you alone in open spaces and in the sun, but in the forest and in the shade, they will go out hunting. But in any case, you can rest assured, that the “Finnish airforce” is not harmful (not carrying diseases) but rather a nuisance.


Sauna is a very important part of Finnish culture. It is a holy place which we do not take lightly, even if it is part of our everyday life. Due to its close ties to nature based wellbeing, you will receive plenty of opportunities to enjoy different saunas during your stay with us and learn about the history and reasons behind its importance.  If you have any further questions on this or other topics, do ask!

Will I get a conference certificate?

Only those participants who participate in the full event will be awarded a certificate of attendance. This is because who ever participates will get a heavy dose of theoretical as well as practical knowledge and we do not want this fact to go unnoticed. This  event introduces you to an array of approaches out there which you can then choose to further pursue.

What do I need to have with me?

You should dress like you will be spending lots of time outside. Finnish summers are usually warm – but it of course depends on where you are coming from, if you agree with this statement. Warm to Finns might mean anything above 15+ degrees.

  • Something to wear on your head – to protect you against any mosquitos
  • Long pants to protect you against ticks in nature
  • Good walking shoes
  • Swimming suit
  • Personal hygiene items
  • Materials for note taking
  • A warm pullover for the evening campfires
  • Rain gear
  • Mosquito repellent

Participating in the seminar and workshop day only

If you participate in the seminar and workshop day only, you will take care of your own accommodation. Same thing with transport to/from airport – you need to take the bus or the train. With the full event ticket, we take care of it all for you. The accommodations can be found all over Parkano. If you don´t have your own transportation, you should stay e.g. in this hotel as it is within walking distance from Kaarna educational and cultural center (Satakunnankatu 36, Parkano) where the seminar day will be held: The workshop day will be taking place at walking distance from the Kaarna center also so even if you are by foot, you can easily get around the town.