IFTDays Pollinator Events​

Next to our main event in Parkano, Finland, IFTDays has launched the concept of IFTDays Pollinators.

The Pollinator events are mini IFTDays events organised by our Ambassadors. At these Pollinator events, people gather to watch the IFTDays broadcast together and participate in live program organised by the Ambassadors. The emphasis is on building community, locally and globally. Ambassadors are people with an affinity for nature and/or naturepreneurs who believe in our mission and who want to spread the IFTDays message in their parts of the world. Ambassadorship is unique for each Ambassador and it is based on each individuals interests, needs and strengths.

The Pollinator events will take place in a safe manner as is possible considering the pandemic. We and our Ambassadors will follow the situation closely.

Our goal is that many open minds and hearts will be pollinated with appreciation for the worlds’ forests. If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador and/or organising a Pollinator event, get in contact with us at foresttherapydays@gmail.com.

Scheduled Pollinator Events

"We encourage and enable the seeds of new positive ideas and energy for creative change from the IFTDays community to transform into ripples that spread out into the world."