IFTDays Pollinator event Belgium

Welcome to the IFTDays Pollinator event Belgium


As an IFTDays Ambassador we are organizing a pollinator event on September 27th 2020 in Bornem (*). Co-host and also IFTDays Ambassador is Ilse Simoens of the Academy of Healing Nature. We foresee a day programme with a morning and an afternoon session. You are very much welcome to join us!

Details morning session:

We will facilitate a live discussion around one of the many interesting seminars/workshops (it will be hard to choose just one) at the IFTDays event to gather valuable insights how Forest Therapy can support our daily wellbeing.
Start: 9.30 CET.

Details afternoon session:

Enjoy a creative workshop where nature and haiku meet up! Immerse yourself in Forest Therapy to discover and invigorate your senses. Then let yourself be inspired by haiku’s written in synergy with nature’s seasons. Just let your own imagination kick in and simply embrace it. And if you want to: write your (first) own haiku and share it! 
Start: 13.30 CET

(*) Detail info about the location (incl. food & drinks possibilities) will be announced on this page very soon. We will apply COVID-19 measures as indicated by the national security council in Belgium.
Tickets can be (digitally) paid at the location venue.
Foresee clothing and shoes fit to the weather conditions. A notebook and a pencil are also handy to bring along.

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