Experiences shared by the IFTDays tribe

Being immersed!!

I loved being outside, being guided and being with the trees!!! (IFTDays2019)

The joint interest and respect for forests and nature, and the sauna of course. (IFTDays2019)

The choices and the variety of workshops. Everything! The forest walks, the musical exercise, the social communication, the sauna!


Monipuolinen ja laadukas sisältö. Täyttä ohjelmaa koko päivä. Sopiva aikataulutus.


Good to get both ethnographic (Ed Lord) and psychological (Dorthe Djernis) perspectives on mindfulness practices in nature! (IFTDays2019)

Loving support of the team..

Swim naked in the lake..

All the participants and discussions..

The song of the silence..


The possibility to tap into what is being done in this field. (IFTDays2019)

The feeling of community. Like hearted and minded tribe. Great way to spend time with like-minded people. (IFTDays2019)

“This really encouraged

  me to take steps

toward building my job

around forest (nature)

therapy.” (IFTDays2018)

“The conviction that we´re all working towards something beautiful and from now on we are all connected on a way to that goal no matter how much distance separates us..” (IFTDays2018)

“Empowering friendships,

belonging, identity” (IFTDays2018)

“Comfort & Joy

Glimmers of

the path ahead”


“Magical memories

– new friendships”


“Amazing memories,

pure peace and joy”


“Community of likeminded

people, realization that

you´re not alone

in your type of crazy,

clarity in my gut

feelings, reinforcement.”


“New ideas and new goals – inspiration!” (IFTDays2018)

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