IFTDays 2023: Forest bathing as a way of life

The long-awaited IFTDays event will take place in 2023. The field of forest-based well-being has evolved and nature’s well-being benefits are no longer a matter of belief.  Scientific publications are pop-ing up every day proving nature’s contributions to human health and well-being. In many countries, guided forest bathing sessions have been recognized as having potential for well-being support and ill-health prevention. Forest therapy is studied as a complementary and integrative treatment option for multiple conditions.

We are exploring forest bathing beyond acute stress reduction intervention,  nature connection practice, and a group forest-based activity. We are looking to you for questions and answers as we try to understand what it would mean if we lived A FOREST BATHING WAY OF LIFE.

To bring the event closer to you, we are organizing this year’s gathering in hybrid form.

  • The traditionally science-practice-policy seminar day is split into those online days,  June 6th afternoon and 7th morning (CEST)
  • Embracing the close community as a cornerstone of IFTDays, we are bringing back the immersion days and invite you to organize low-threshold (free, low-effort) forest-based activities this summer together with other enthusiasts in your area
  • On September 9th, we will return online, and exchange lessons learned from our live local events to weave a global story

IFTDays 2023 programme - coming soon

Speakers in 2023 - coming soon