IFTDays 2020

IFTDays 2020 will be held in Parkano, in the western part of Finland on 2nd – 8th of July.

2020 IFTDays seminar will take place on Friday 3rd of July, workshop day 4th July and immersion days 5-8th July, 2020.​

Though we were contacted by a few partner candidates outside of Finland, we decided to choose Finland once again. Our vision for IFTDays is to move towards involving the local community more to bring something back and to spread the knowledge further. With Parkano city we have an enthusiastic and capable partner who is excited to join in the making of IFTDays. Together we plan to involve the entire city of Parkano who have strong roots in forest and health research and are already active in using forest based wellbeing practices. Furthermore, Parkano is in the process of applying to become Unesco’s Geopark site. We can find many parallels in the Geoparks’ values and IFTDays mission and are looking forward to the opportunities that this new collaboration will bring us. We will be introducing our partner Parkano in the upcoming newsletters, but you are welcome to take a look here.

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